On Site Crematory

Adored Pets Cremations offers families a state-of-the-art crematory, together with a trustworthy tracking system. Our goal is to provide you with greater peace-of-mind, and a deeper sense of security in knowing your animal companion is tended by our staff, and never leaves our watchful care.

Our tracking system assures you that the identity of your pet is known at all times, and that you receive only their ashes.

All of our cremation services provide transportation from your veterinarian clinic to our Adored Pets Cremation office.  If your pet passes away at home, please call us and we will be of help.

Private Cremation Care
Private Cremation Care

Adored Pets Cremations offers families individual cremation, so that you know your beloved companion receives our complete attention. With private cremation care…

Your pet's cremated remains will be available, in a temporary urn, at Adored Pets Cremation or your Veterinarian.

You will select a permanent urn from our product gallery, which will replace the temporary urn.

Community Cremation Care
Communal Cremation Care

Your pet will be cared for onsite, in a communal cremation. Because of the communal nature, your pet's cremated remains will not be returned, but scattered in a meaningful and respectful way.

Please call Adored Pets Cremations at (423) 542-0911 for more details on our Cremation Options, or stop by and visit our office and display room.


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